Do you know that there are more than 2 Billion websites on the World Wide Web, but less than 400 Million sites are Active. And unexpectedly 11.8 Million websites rank in Google Search Engine Result Pages(SERP’s).

Indeed, almost all of these 11.8 Million websites uses Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics which defended the 400 Million sites. Important Search Engine Optimization techniques involves

  1. Improved UX/UI
  2. Keywords used on Website
  3. Responsive Web Design
  4. Backlinks from Proficient Websites/Blogs
  5. Content Management
  6. Meta Tags

If these 6 elements played as Professional can lead a website into SERP’s, but is this all we do to…

Introduction to this Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn everything about how you can use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in Node.js to authenticate users. If you are not familiar with JWT, you can follow the link here — this explains everything about JWT with many interesting examples.

In this tutorial, we will create APIs for signup, login, and logout using Node.js. Firstly, let’s recall the basics of JWT.

JW-Token consists of 3 parts:

1. Header

The header includes the type of algorithm used to generate tokens. It looks like this:

“alg”: “HS256”,
“typ”: “JWT”

2. Payload

Payload is nothing but the user data.

{ “id”:”920021"…

Authenticate users using- Continue with Google

We have often heard this wording a lot times as, Signup with Google or Signup with Facebook. This sounds us convenient and we often click such buttons to save our time. In this tutorial, we would built an Amazing Web Application using React JS Framework which would Authenticate Users using the Auth0 Authorization Framework.

Yes, you have got there, how we gonna use Authorization Framework to Authenticate users?

Nowadays, big-tech companies use the concept of OAuth to Authenticate users in much convenient manner. We gonna learn the same, in this tutorial.

In the previous tutorial, we have studied about the…

In this tutorial, you would understand everything about how OAuth exactly works, basic terms of OAuth, and various important flows. Let’s know from the beginning.

OAuth is short for, Open Authorization for access delegation commonly used in services to access data or resource from another service. To know a much more detailed understanding of OAuth, you can refer to this.

Now, let’s understand the important aspects of Terminologies. Here are some of the terms which are necessary to start with Flows of OAuth, let’s look at them one by one-

  1. Resource -

Resource is something we all know, a term…

Hello Developers,

In this tutorial, we would understand everything about what exactly OAuth is, and also we would look at analogy to understand much clearly.

Let’s be frank, OAuth is ultimately known as Open Authorization. OAuth is a Standard for access delegation, commonly used for websites or applications which have to access to data of other website accounts without sharing any passwords. To speak clearly, OAuth is the access of the data from one service to another service without sharing any passwords.

Now, let’s look at an example which can make you understand much clearly,

Imagine a Rich Guy came…

JWT or JSON Web Token is an open standard (RFC 7519) which is used to securely transfer information between two parties.

To understand the detail concept of JWT, it’s very important to first know about Session tokens.

Session Tokens are an encrypted unique strings that are used to identify Session Instances. Look at the understandable example below-

Think of a Customer Care Dept. in a city, if a person(A) enters into it who has any queries to speak with representatives. Initially a person would speaks about all his problems and queries, then normally the care dept. would note down all…

Web pack is popularly known as module bundler for JavaScript Applications. Let’s go in depth.

Initially, Web packs converts large number of component files into single (or few) files which helps the server to serve the clients much reliably and in faster way, and thus can be said Web packs takes much responsibility to handle the application on production mode. Web packs normally, handle JavaScript files, but with the use of Loader, i.e. loader-css , loader-ts ,etc we can speak to web pack to transform and build a particular component when it will be necessary for the application.

Now, let’s…

Do you know almost 53% of visitors abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. And what’s worse than this, there will be a horrible impression in the visitors mind about your website.

Slow loading images, improper rendering of components, dynamic data fetch errors, etc. can be burden for your website. Nowadays, users are becoming more cautious about Time and Trust, they only wait if there is reliability in your website. …

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